The Divergent Community facilitates peer support for neurodivergent people and celebrates neurodiversity.

We are a social enterprise, founded on the principles of peer support and lived experience.

Our Ambitions and Focus

We have big ambitions to provide all Neurodivergent people with peer support so they can navigate systems and processes related to employment, education, relationships and life in general.

We believe in lived experience and peer support and hope to become a convenor and supporter of local peer support groups and businesses run by and for Neurodivergent people.

At the moment, our focus is on a pilot project to support ADHD, Autistic and Dyslexic people through the Access to Work process.

Our Mission

We were founded in 2023 and inspired by our founder's lived experience of peer support as a young LGBTQ+ person, and the informal peer support she found during her own journey to Neurodivergent diagnoses as an adult.

Our Vision

Our mission is to enable and celebrate neurodivergent people through peer support, advocacy, research and collaboration.

Our History

Our vision is a world that celebrates neurodiversity and provides equitable opportunities to neurodivergent people. do alone.

Meet Our Founder

Leah founded Divergent after navigating her own ADHD journey in her late 30s.

She found support amongst informal forums and groups online, which felt reminiscent of the peer support groups she had been part of as a young LGBTQ+ person.

She decided to establish an organisation that would strengthen the peer support community for neurodivergent adults.

Leah has over 20 years’ experience in the voluntary and community sector and is a small charity CEO.

She (intermittently) loves cooking and baking, genealogy, reading, travelling and reminiscing about the 90s.

Leah is proud to be a queer, disabled leader with lived experience of poverty and the care system.


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