Divergent promotes a user-led, peer support, collaborative,strengths-based approach which celebrates neurodiversity

User-led by people with lived experience

Being a user-led organisation means that we are run by the community we seek to serve. This means that the majority of our Trustees and volunteers are people with neurodivergence, who are experts by experience.

We also welcome the involvement and support of neurotypical people, particularly those with other lived experience of neurodivergence (ie a partner, child, parent, friend, etc).


We recognise that our vision of a world that celebrates neurodiversity and provides equitable opportunities to neurodivergent people is ambitious and not one we can achieve in isolation. We value the unique contributions that each organisation and individual brings to the complex issue of equity and inclusion for neurodivergent people.

Peer support

We believe in the power of peer support, and building user-led communities. We support local peer support groups, and use peer support as the delivery model for our projects. We also support small businesses run by neurodivergent people, for neurodivergent people.


We take a strengths-based approach, focusing on the incredible assets neurodivergent people add to this world. We believe people are happier and more successful when they can spend most of their time doing things they are good at and which they enjoy doing. We aim to help neurodivergent people to identify and celebrate their strengths, and to increase the use of strengths-based approaches in workplaces, educational environments and families.

Celebrating Neurodiversity

We celebrate neurodiversity, recognising the rich tapestry of a world where neurodivergent and neurotypical people all thrive. We recognise the strengths provided by diversity. We recognise and support an intersectional approach and celebrate the diversity within the neurodivergent community, welcoming all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religions, ages and disabilities.


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