About our Events

Find out more about the types of events we run, and then check the calendar below to register for any that sound useful for you.

Introduction to Access to Work

These monthly info sessions cover the basics of Access to Work and are ideal for those who haven't yet started an application and don't know much yet.

Bodydoubling Application Session

Procrastinating on putting your application in? Not sure what to put on your form? Join us for a peer support bodydoubling session to get it done together.

Show and Tell Sessions

See, discuss and hear from Neurodivergent peers and retailers about items, services and software that you could request through ATW.

Access To Work Problem Solving

Having difficulty with your application? Come along for some peer support to help you identify potential solutions that could help.

ATW Intro for Employers

A brief introduction to the Access to Work process for employers. Send your manager, HR department or senior leadership along!

Storytelling Sessions

Occasionally we hold storytelling sessions where you can hear from Neurodivergent peers about their Access to Work experience from start to finish.